Swr Power Meter Digital Nissei RS-70

Swr Power Meter Digital Nissei RS 70
Main Features:

1.Forward/Reversed/VSWR ration in one push button.

2.LED backlit display for ease of reading.

3.Power Source: internal “AAA” batteries/external USB Port.

4.Applicable rechargeable battery.


Frequency range:1.6-60MHz

Power Range: 0-200W 5%

Testing Functions: Fwd/Rev Power,SWR

Insertion Loss: 0.3dB or Lower

Impedance: 50

Power Source: BatteryAAA or Micro USB Port

Connector: SO239 M Type

Dimension: 70W78H30Dmm

Net Weight: 220g (no batteries)


1.Apply output of transceiver to “TX” and antenna or load to “ANT”.
2.”POWER” on for ready to use.
3.LCD display show simultaneously “Fwd/Rev Power and SWR”.
4.For back=light,please switch”LIGHT” to “ON”.
No function in 30 seconds,The backlit will automatically off.
Once PTT launched, the backlit will be back.


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