HT Alinco DJ-CRX1

Paket yang didapat :
1 buah HT
1 buah antenna SMA Female
1 buah battery
1 buah charger
1 buah belt clip
1 buah buku panduan

Spesifikasi :
Frequency : VHF 136-174Mhz
Channel capacity : 200 channel
Channel spacing : 25KHz (wide band), 12.5KHz (narrow band)
Phase locked step : 0.1Khz
Operation voltage : 7.4V DC
Battery life : More than 12 hours (1800mAh)
Frequency stability : 2.5ppm
Operation temperature : -20C~+55C
Size : 118 x 61 x 40 mm (with battery pack)
Weight : approx 240g (with battery pack and antenna)




Alinco DX-SR8

Alinco DX-SR8 mencakup 160 sampai 10 meter di SSB, CW, AM dan FM. Pemancar memberikan 100 Watt kuat di SSB, CW dan FM (40 Watt pada AM). Dan tiga tingkat daya dapat dipilih: 100 Watt, 10 Watt dan pengaturan QRP variabel 0,1 ~ 2 Watt. Receiver mengukur jangkauan umum dari 30 kHz menjadi 35 MHz. Fitur lainnya termasuk: JIKA shift, pemindaian 600 memori, band dan memori, attenuator, preamp, RIT, XIT dan noise blanker. Konektor panel belakang untuk perangkat eksternal. Ukuran: 9,45 x 3,95 x 11,54 inci (240x100x293mm) 9 lbs.

The Alinco DX-SR8T covers 160 to 10 meters in SSB, CW, AM and FM. The transmitter delivers a powerful 100 Watts in SSB, CW and FM (40 Watts on AM). And three power levels may be selected: 100 Watts, 10 Watts and a variable QRP setting of 0.1 ~ 2 Watts. The receiver tunes general coverage from 30 kHz to 35 MHz. Other features include:  IF shift, 600 memories, band and memory scanning, attenuator, preamp, RIT, XIT and noise blanker. Rear panel connectors for external devices. Size:  9.45 x 3.95 x 11.54 inches (240x100x293mm) 9 lbs.

harga Call 0811125787

Alinco DR-635

Alinco DR-635
RIG Alinco DR-635
Amateur VHF/UHF transceiver
Freely and separately selectable
display colors for TX/RX/Stand-by!
Frequency range: TX: 136-174 / 400-480 MHz
RX: 87.5-108 / 108-174 / 335-480 MHz
Mode: TX: FM/NFM
RF Power output: Hi: 50/35 W
Mid: 20/20 W
Lo: 5/5 W
Berat : 0
Detail Produk: 
VHF/UHF full duplex operation includes V/U and U/V modes.
Cross-band repeater function (where permitted: standard on DR-635T)
200 Memory channels
H/M/L power output settings- VHF: 50/25/5W UHF: 35/20/5W
Large 6 character alphanumeric display
Selectable display color illumination (Blue, Violet or amber)
Internal duplexer – single antenna connector
Removable control head can be remotely mounted or allow transceiver to be inverted for optimal speaker placement
Expanded receive range includes FM broadcast band (WFM)
Power supply voltage display
Theft alarm feature
Optional 1200 and 9600 bps packet operation with optional EJ-50U
Digital voice communications with optional EJ-47U
Optional illuminated DTMF EMS-57 microphone (included with DR-635T) allows direct VFO frequency entry and remote control of transceiver
CTCSS & DCS encode and decode plus four different tone bursts
CTCSS Tone and DCS scan
Programmable VFO and Memory scan modes
“Time Out” timer
Cable Clone feature
AM Aircraft band reception (DR-635T only)
Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator
Ignition key activated power on/off feature

Alinco DR-138

Alinco DR-138

Alinco DR-138
Alinco DR-138


Alinco DR-138
Rig Alinco DR-138
The Alinco DR-138 is a full-featured 2 Meter 60 watt FM transceiver with an alphanumeric display (up to seven characters). Three power outputs (60/25/10 watts) are available. CTCSS encode and decode are standard. The DR-138 comes with: EMS-74 DTMF Hand Mic, mobile bracket, DC cord and mounting hardware.

VHF 136 – 174 MHz

Hub : 0811 125 787