Diamond K9000

Diamond K9000
The K9000 mount is designed to raise or lower lightweight VHF/UHF mobile antennas that do not require direct RF grounding

The K9000 cannot be used without the appropriate installation bracket.
It can attached to trunk or hatchback gate, rooftop railing or gutter using the appropriate bracket.
Rooftop railing mount bracket – KRR, roofside gutter mount bracket – KRS or trunk lid or hatchback gate mount bracket – KTH. Bracket KLR is a 3-sided Rail Bar type bracket.

The antenna may be raised or lowered by depressing the Control Switch., limit switches are incorporated to stop the antenna automatically at the end of its travel. A protective rubber mat is attached to the K9000TM bracket. The mount is fully adjustable from angles of 45-90 degrees, and there are 7 levels of adjustment. For simple wiring of the motor drive, a cigar plug is included.