Kenwood TM 281A

Frequency Coverage  VHF TX/RX  136.000 – 173.995 Mhz
Type of emissions  F3E (FM)
No. of memory Ch.  200
Operating Temperature -10OC ~ +60OC
Frequency stability  + 3 ppm  at 25OC
Operating Voltage  13.8V DC + 15%
Current drain (at 13.8 V DC) Tx            high (65 W)          14A typical
Rx            Max audio             1A typical
Antenna Impedance  50 Ω (SO-239)
Alphanumeric LCD display
Frequency name tag
Built-in CTCSS and DTS encoder/decoder
Output power  Hi:65W/Lo:25W
Modulation  Variable reactance modulation
Max. freq. devition  +5.0Khz(wide)/+2.5Khz(narrow)
Modulation distortion  < 3% (300 Hz- 3 Khz)
Microphone impedance  600Ω(8-pin modular)
Intermediate Freq.  49.95Mhz/450Khz
Sensitivity  Less than 0.18 µV (at 12db SINAND)
Squelch sensitivity  0.1 µV typical (threshold)
Selectivity  Wide > 12Khz (at- 6dB), < 30 Khz (-60 dB)
Spurious and image  More than 60dB
Audio output power  2W typ. (5% distortion )

Kenwood TM 281A
Kenwood TM 281A